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more joy day

Since today is More Joy Day, ™sdwolfpup, and yesterday Kayla and Dayln discovered this old meme I'd done about a hundred years ago, long before I was really into fandom, where you pick some folks of your flist and say something anonymous about them, it gave me idea.

First, the idea behind More Joy Day which was invented by the brilliantly talented sdwolfpup, is that our actions have meaning. We can choose to perpetuate anger and hate in the same way that we can choose to perpetuate joy and laughter. And today has been set aside, to make that choice, and to be joyful, to bring joy in some small way, to those around us. And this is my contribution.

It's kind of like a love meme, only. Well no, exactly like a love meme, only we're going to call it a JOY MEME - and thus it will be totally not really all that different. Mmmk? /twisted-logic.

Wanna know how it works? Well, I'll tell you!

First, you comment to this post with your username, and then pimp it in your own journal. That way your friends can come and comment anonymously (or not anonymously!), letting you know how you bring joy into their lives and what that means to them. I've disabled custom comment pages in the journal for the time being so its easier to navigate and anonymous commenting is on.

Sound fun? I thought so! Run with it, babies! :D

Also, just because the day goes past, doesn't mean you can't keep commenting. ;)
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