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vidlet | mourning (undertow)

title: mourning
music: sarah slean
film: undertow [contracorriente]
notes: 1:52, 34mb avi

STREAM → [here]
DOWNLOAD → [here]

film summary: Miguel is a fisherman in a Peruvian village with specific traditions regarding death. He is married to Mariela, who is pregnant with their first son, but he's also having a secret affair with a man named Santiago. When Santiago accidentally drowns at sea, his ghost returns to ask Miguel to find his body, in order to bury it with their village's rituals. Miguel is forced to deal with the consequences of their actions and accept who he really is, even at the risk of losing the people that he loves.


Fading into
The mourning leaves you
With total regret
Should put on my dress
And walk right out into the day

It isnt so bad
Shouldn't be so sad
Another morning
And im still mourning
To walk right out into the day

And you're still in my bed
And I still feel your breath on the back of my next

You left too soon
What god would take you
And leave me alone
Put on my coat
And walk right out into the day

→ So I randomly picked this up at the library a couple days ago and was surprised by how much I loved it. It's one of those great quiet movies that hits you hard right in the feels. I thought it was a unique story with really good acting (which is where my surprise comes in, because I've found that most m/m romances are unfortunately lacking quite a bit in those areas lol). I highly recommend you check it out (and bring your kleenex) :)

Tags: undertow, vids
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