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[new vid] youth knows no pain | weeds

music: lykke li
fandom: weeds | nancy (a healthy dose of nancy/andy)
notes: 3:01, 52mb, this vid is for the amazing slybrunette (who also beta'd this!) *includes spoilers for all 6 seasons*
STREAM → here

password: wonderfulwonderful

Come laugh away who you are and get down
Who you are, who we are now you're found
To the sun or the bears or the guns
We taking all our vows with your frown

Come on get down
Come on get down
Make a mess, make a bow
Come on get down
Come get down
Mighty youth, here and now
So come on honey cut yourself to pieces
Come on honey give yourself completely
And do it all though you can't believe it
Youth knows no pain
Youth knows no pain

Come together and join the parade
And get back walk on lost in the trade
With the plants and the shimmering beats
With the wind in my hair, you're free

+ My intentions for this began as strictly a Nancy/Andy vid. However it quickly turned into mostly just a Nancy character study - heavy on the N/A. Which is also why my bias against Esteban is so blatantly obvious.

+ I chose not to wait for S7 to start because then I'd probably end up waiting for S7 to finish too. At first it would be "oh I'll just watch the first ep." And that would turn into "Well I better at least watch the second one!" And so no and so on. I am impatient, so I figured I'd forget S7 all together and just focus on the first six seasons.

+ Thank you again to Steph for cheerleading this project from the beginning. You were a huge factor in helping me finish this. I ♥ you

Tags: vids, weeds
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